Garden of Earthly Delights

Carol Clary presented and performed a moving song entitled “Where the Music Comes From” by Lee Hoiby

I want to be where the music comes from
Where the clock stops, where it’s now.
I want to be with the friends around me,
Who have found me, who show me how.
I want to sing to the early morning,
See the sunlight melt the snow; (Feel the Love inside me flow)
And oh, I want to grow.

I want to wake to the living spirit
Here inside me where it lies.
I want to listen till I can hear it,
Let it guide me, and realize
That I can go with the flow unending, that is blending, that is real;
And oh, I want to feel.

I want to walk in the earthly garden, far from cities, far from fear.
I want to talk to the growing garden, to the devas, to the deer,
And to be one with the river flowing,
Breezes blowing, sky above;
And oh, I want to love.

Hoiby dedicated this song to “The Guide” and has mentioned that the song came to him on the subway, I believe, in nearly one fell swoop. Please note that Carol changed a few words…the ones about the “morning sunlight” and the “snow.”