Not Church at Hacienda del Encanto

Not Church at Hacienda del Encanto

John Stadelmann’s greeting and Janice Patten’s reading of a Wordsworth poem were just the beginning of a fantastic Not Church Sunday on the theme of interdependence.

The one sensation that is here; ’tis here,
Here as it found its way into my heart
In childhood, here as it abides by day,
By night, here only; or in chosen minds
That take it with them hence, where’er they go.
–‘Tis, but I cannot name it, ’tis the sense
Of majesty, and beauty, and repose,
A blended holiness of earth and sky,
Something that makes this individual spot,
This small abiding-place of many men,
A termination, and a last retreat,
A centre, come from wheresoe’er you will,
A whole without dependence or defect,
Made for itself, and happy in itself,
Perfect contentment, Unity entire.

from “Home at Grasmere” –  William Wordsworth.

Erin and the Trash CanThanks to Ross Pitts for two Joni Mitchell selections, “Big Yellow Taxi” & an awesome rendition of “Woodstock,” Doug Rye, Bernie Zimney, Kathy Higgins, Ron de Jong, Janice Patten, John Stadelmann, Glenn Huntington and of course Erin Dunigan for weaving it all together.  Special thanks, as always to David Gee for providing the beautiful, inspiring space and Marty Harriman for the photos that so wonderfully document our experience.

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