January 2021 Screenshot

We had a great turnout today with old friends, new friends and many new guests from across the country…a wonderful kick-off to the 10th year of Not Church.

The full video is posted below along with some of the material from the gathering…

Royce set the tone for our gathering on the topic of intentions with the lyrics to  “Buenos Dias Señor Sol.”  We were all disappointed that ZOOM isn’t ideal for songs, but you’ll see from the lyrics below while his Jr. High kids had such fun singing it at the start of their day.  We suggest you check out Juan Gabriel’s version on YouTube if you need a little cheering up:

Todas las mañanas que entra por mi ventana el Señor Señor Sol
   Every morning Mr Sun comes through my window
Doy gracias a Dios por otro día mas
   I give thanks to God for another day
Hoy como ortos dias yo seguiré tratando ser mejor
  Today, like other days I keep trying to do better
Y sonriendo hare las cosas con amour
  And smiling I will do everything with love
Buenos Dias alegria, Buenos Dias Señor Sol
   Good morning joy, Good morning Mr. Sun
Buenos Dias al amor
   Good morning to love
Buenos Dias a la vida
  Good morning life
Buenos dias Senor Sol
  Good morning Mr. Sun

Maria Rosales’ inspiring, liberating poem, “If This Were My Last Day” 

If this were my last day
I would let the cat sit on my lap right now, as I type.

If this were my last day
I would forego sleep to write this poem.

I would step outside this morning without shoes,
to watch the sun rise over Mount Diablo

I would walk the dog before taking my coffee,
spend an extra languid hour by the lake

If this were my last day
I would wear something frivolous to the garden,

loll in the hammock in satin or silk,
reciting my poems to the birds, or to the pastel dawn.

If this were my last day
I would reel all my grudges in like fish,

take the hooks out, and let them free,
so I could call those who hurt me and love them anyway.

I would surprise myself with tenderness for my enemies,
sip jasmine tea and eat dessert twice,

look in the eyes of everyone I meet,
let them know, out loud, or in silence,

that they matter and are loved.
I would be an ambassador of peace in my world.

If this were my last day
I would play before my bed was made, and make a happy mess

in the kitchen, baking complicated cookies from scratch,
naked except for a starched apron.

If this were my last day, looking back or forward
would make no difference. And I would be at peace with that.

If this were my last day, my children would know
that I am ready, and they would release me with joy

I would not slip softly into the dark river,
But shoot like a rainbow tailed comet into oblivion.

Connie Castillo-Walsh led us in a guided meditation to help us get in touch with our “north star,” our true center as we form our intentions.  You can find more of Connie’s meditation and a longer version of the one she shared on her YouTube Channel, Divine Self Hypnosis: https://YouTube.com/c/DivineSelfHypnosis

Skye McKenzie and our invited speaker, Mónica Chiapa  gave us a taste of programs they will be offering for the purpose of exploring and expanding our inner life, to get in touch with our intuition and our authentic selves. Learn more about Skye’s workshop,  The KATE Method: Actions Through Intentions on January 21st and Mónica’s 12 week program, The Power of You.

Stay tuned for details on these exciting and transformational programs along with upcoming news and new programs.