Erin Dunigan
Erin Dunigan

Many of you probably don’t even know that there’s a specially made wooden box for contributions, if you’d like to make them. Sometimes we even forget to bring it, and if you knew about it you may have forgotten to use it.

Now it has a big sign that says “Appreciation, ” and we’re going to set it on a stool so you can find it and pass right by it on your way out. It says appreciation because, to me, that’s what it is.

When you think about Not Church, if you feel gratitude or appreciation for it and you’d like to express that appreciation in the form of money, please do.

The money goes for a few expenses like the website, but most of it is for our Spiritual Director Erin. She formed Not Church and has been its leadership and Spiritual center going into this 9th year!

Some of you probably remember that she used to be paid by the Presbyterian Church, but their leadership and projects have changed and she no longer has any income or benefits from them. Many of us do things, but we’re so lucky to have a professional speaker and director to provide great ideas and what we provide will be the only compensation she’ll get for this. Let us know if you have other ideas too.

Sounds like she’s fine with all of it and you’ll do what feels good to you!