Not Church sponsors and supports wonderful community events. Our sponsored events are always free of charge.  Some events that we support are by donation only and some events carry a fee.  Be sure to check with the event organizer if you have a question

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February Not Church


Please visit our Tranquilo Facebook Page @tranquilobaja to send us a message if you'd like to join us on ZOOM for our February gathering.

January Not Church


Kicking off our 10th year with a gathering at 10am on Sunday, January 10th! If you'd like to join us and did not receive our email with the link, be sure to let us know.  You can send an email to or send us an Instant Message (IM) on Facebook, here or on the Tranquilo page here. To learn more about Mónica Chiapa, here's a brief bio: MÓNICA CHIAPA bio  

A Celebration of Endings – December Not Church


Email for the ZOOM link. A Celebration of Endings Sunday, December 13 at 10am on Zoom Special time for talking will be added at the end and there are some recommendations for how to do that below. Spiritual Program Is Expanding As the tenth year of Not Church is beginning in January, our spiritual program will be expanding with even more ways to share what we’ve learned, welcoming guest speakers, more inspirations online, and more--you’ll be hearing details soon. Taking what we’ve been doing in our wonderful community online has made it accessible far and wide and that’s creating natural growth and new ideas. Adding special discussion time this month And first, to complete this year we’re going to celebrate what has been. We’ll express appreciation and celebrate all the benefits we receive in coming together in this way. Erin Dunigan feels complete with participation in Not Church so we’re going to take this opportunity to recognize all she’s contributed in the founding and supporting of the community all these years. So please,  think about what you might like to say in the special time at the end—what you’ve gotten from participating in Not Church, what it means to you, thoughts about the future for yourself and the community, and words of appreciation for Erin. TIPS FOR USING ZOOM For the discussion at the end we’ll use the Raise Hands option on Zoom. You’ll find it under “Participants,” at the bottom or top, depending on your device. If you’d like to say something, using ear pods or headphones with a microphone makes it easier to hear and be heard. Please remember to go straight to the heart of what you’d like to say so everyone who’d like to can have a chance. All Not Church events are currently being held on ZOOM.  All are welcome.  Email for the ZOOM link.   .