Sharing Our Spiritual Journeys

sharing Our Spiritual Journey

What can be done to quiet our raging or worried mind and give us peace? What are your life’s lessons that you’d like to share?

At a special Summer Not Church on August 22, we will gather to listen to one another share about each other’s spiritual journey. In this safe place we hope to hear what has worked for you, is working for you to feel more grounded, more in love with this life, with ourselves and one another.

from “Sharing Our Spiritual Journeys” by Mary Contreras/Baja News, August 2018

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Please join us fo a special Summer Not Church – Exploration of Meditation.

The customary hour+ will focus on various aspects and benefits of sitting in silence and give participants information and instruction as well as opportunities for practice. Suitable for first time meditators and those with extensive experience and anyone in between.

Wednesday, July 25, at 5p.m. at CEART in Rosarito. 






Paseo La Cascada s/n, La Cascada, 22701 Rosarito, B.C., Mexico

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June Gathering – on Summer

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