November Norte!

Joint La Misión/Norte Special Combined Holiday Not Church 

Stay tuned for more information on the Joint La Misión/Norte Special Combined Holiday Not Church– Sunday, December 9th, 4pm at Poco Cielo in La Misión–complete with a specially priced buffet that will include chicken, seafood and vegetarian entrees…oh,  and lots of singing!!

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Photos from the November Not Church gathering by the multi-talented Erin Dunigan.  We had a new musical guest, Eli sharing original compositions and accompanying Choir-oke on “Imagine.”  They were pretty great with Barbara, Mary Elizabeth, a guest guitarist and of course, the effervescent Ellyn with her new speaker.  (Thanks, Bruce Haye.) Martina reminded us what Thanksgiving is really about, Nadine led a meditation on letting go of all the things that keep us from living life in peace. And Erin, told us another story about how we got “here” with a very happy ending for Carlos who was gifted the wheelchair that belonged to the originator of our gatherings, Gary Wilburn.  We have much for which to be Thankful!

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