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Passover 2014

Passover 2013 © Erin Dunigan Passover 2013 © Erin Dunigan

Bob Wolf, Ron de Jong Passover 2013 Bob Wolff, Ron de Jong Passover 2013

The 2nd Annual  La Misión Passover Seder will be held on Tuesday, April 15th.

Reservations are required for this sit-down pot-luck meal.  The traditional service led by Bob Wolff and Ron de Jong will include reading of the Hagadah La Misión/Not-Church style, of course.

We will be following the Maxwell House Haggadah (provided upon arrival) and will begin PROMPTLY so please be on time.

Some Passover foods also will be provided, but this is a Potluck, so please bring a dish for 10 to share and a bottle of wine. (There’s a lot of wine-drinking at Passover.)

As this is Pesach, please AVOID bringing a dish that uses LEAVEN (no bread, no flour, no pasta) – meat or veggie dishes are great.  There are guidelines below whether you want to go traditional or not.

seder-platePassover Food Guidelines
Food for Passover should include no pork or shellfish and no mixing of dairy and meat in the same dish. Food should have no leavening (bread, flour, pasta, baking powder, baking soda), or any grain based products other than Passover Matzo.

More than any other Jewish holiday, eating is a big part of Passover and every family has favorite dishes and their own personal style.  Here are some links that provide some background and food ideas:

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Traditional Passover Recipes
The Shiksa’s Passover Potluck
Passover Food – Background & Recipes
Spinach with Pine Nuts Casserole
Mock Chopped Liver

Contact Erin Dunigan for reservations.  Time and location of the seder will be emailed to you with your confirmation.  We hope to see you!

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