Musings on the La Misión Spring Celebrations

We have been celebrating spring in La Misión, in our own inimitable fashion of course!

Our first La Misión Passover Seder was a big hit and our 5th Annual Easter Celebration and 1st community baptism were inspiring. Below are Erin’s comments on both events along with a gallery of photos.

Read Erin’s Easter Sermon

Easter – March 31, 2013
Christ is risen – but what does that look like? 

1-IMG_4243“There is so much blossoming,” she said.

I wasn’t exactly sure what she was referring to – I could see that her eyes had been teary during our eucharistic service. But when Steve, my co-conspirator (those who breathe together, as in the Holy Spirit breathing and living through us all) answered by talking about the pollen really getting to his allergies, I figured maybe I had misunderstood. “Look at all that yellow, in blossom, over on the hillside,” I chimed in.

“No,” she said, fairly firmly. “Spiritual blossoming.”

Oh. Of course. Of course she, the former Christian who has followed in a Buddhist path because of her frustration with the institutional church, of course she was talking about spiritual blossoming while the two of us ministers were busy talking about the pollen and the wildflowers. Of course.

It’s amazing, really, this blossoming, this new life that is in bloom, that is beginning to take over, like mustard in a field.

22-IMG_5528We had our first baptism yesterday, at Not Church – well, Easter Not Church, which, as Tom pointed out, is sort of Not Not Church, which actually makes it quite positive. The Easter baptism, during the service, was my idea – well, perhaps not mine entirely, as the idea of course was planted in me at some point along the way when I learned that baptisms at Easter were actually a part of the tradition for centuries. But when Carol came to me to ask if Angelina could be baptized at Not Church my immediate response was, “Yes! We will do it during our Easter service!”

But as quick as I was on the response, and as convinced as I was about it, I also wondered – will this be too religious for people? Will this push them over the edge of some institutional religious cliff from which there will be no return? I did not want to be the cause of this, after so much good journeying together has been happening through this thing, this way, that we call Not Church. So I asked a few of the others, those who have been part of this movement from the beginning, what they thought about the idea.  “What a beautiful way to celebrate the day together,” was one response. “I’m nervous about having such a religious rite within the context of Not Church,” was another.  “How cool!” was a third. So, we proceeded forward. I trusted that we would be able to do it well – to honor the historical Christian tradition […]