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A Warm Winter Celebration

Another fabulous holiday celebration in La Misión last night!

Passing the Light Photo by Marty Harriman Passing the Light
Photo by Marty Harriman

Erin and a team of elves under the as-always-brilliant direction of Bev, brought the community together to celebrate the winter holidays-Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice.

Cathy & Anna served Rosa’s Champurado as everyone arrived. The   Kirchhoff’s barn was transformed with Doug’s artful placement of lights and by Marylane’s live nativity. Christmas music from Marla, Danny, Gene, Austin, Doug started things off and punctuated the program along with some fun sing-alogns.  Candles of joy, hope, peace, & love were lit by different groups from the community, each providing their own heartfelt interpretation in Spanish and English. Erin’s ‘Impromptu Posada’ story brought it all together and with the final candle and passing of the light, everyone filed out to contribute their lit candle to Cesar’s bonfire.

an impromptu posada (the miracle of the 8 tables)

It was a bit less ‘no room in the in’ and a bit more ‘no mesas (tables) in the storage area’ – not, perhaps, as poetic, but an unintentional modern day posada nonetheless…


A ‘Posada’ or really “Las Posadas” is more typically a reenactment of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay – knocking on doors, being told there is ‘no room in the inn’ (so to speak) until they finally find lodging (posada) and are invited in.


So, when Jose (which is, obviously, his name, but which is also how the name Joseph is translated into Spanish) arrived at the barn where we were setting up for our annual La Misión Holiday Celebration – yes, we hold it in a barn, and no, the irony is not lost – and said that the tables, tables we need for sharing the convivio (potluck) after the service, were not in the usual location, we began to wonder where they might be found.


Wondering turned to suspecting, as Bev realized said tables had probably been taken and used at the foodbank. So, Jose, Vita and I loaded into Jose’s truck and headed over to the foodbank. Looking in the windows Jose made the pronouncement – we are not taking these tables – to which I answered of course we are. Until, of course, I too looked in the window. The tables, 7 of the 8, were piled high with carefully folded clothes, laid out as if already sorted and ready for some distribution.


“Just move the stuff,” Bev had instructed, when she sent us off on our table posada. “Um, Bev, that’s not gonna happen,” I told her over the phone as she said she’d be right over. I’d list her response, when she saw the room, and the tables, but that might get this post flagged for inappropriate language…


So we went upstairs to talk to Estela, who was at home. “Do you have any tables?” Vita began to sing the song for Las Posadas, the song of Mary and Joseph – or in this case, Vita, […]

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La Misión Holiday Celebration

December is a time for getting together with friends and family. This month we celebrate festivals of light, winter solstice, and our community on Wednesday, the 19th.  We hope you’ll join us.(Link to map below)

La Mision Holiday Celebration

Click HERE for directions and a MAP to the Kirchhoff’s El Rancho Exilo.

La Misión La Celebración de Navidena

Haga clic AQUI para direcciones y un mapa de El Exilo la Kirchhoff Rancho

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