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Our Next Gathering

Sunday, November 11, 2012
11am – 12pm

Hacienda Del Encanto(David Gee’s B&B, just south of Hotel La Mison) SEE MAP.

Please contact Erin if you would like to participate or if you
have questions: Erin Dunigan

We’re trying something new!

Instead of a potluck or going out to luch, we thought brown-bagging it might be fun. We like the opportunity to support the local establishments, but  David Gee has agreed to let us hang out afterwards on the deck to talk and mingle.

Again, please be mindful of local establishments when parking.

We hope you will join us and welcome all to participate.
We invite your comments below.

How ‘Not Church’ Came To Be
Many of us grew up under some sort of organized religion, which felt like the rules part, rather than the uplifting part of soul to soul connections, understanding, compassion and insight, the miraculous part of life.

Whether it was a vengeful God, hell, needing to be saved from something through a figure like Jesus, or by way of books like Bibles, Korans, Torahs, nothing seemed natural, compassionate nor even particularly kind, forget loving.  Some of us stepped away, calling ourselves agnostic, even atheist, or nothing at all.

Maybe now we’ve simply gotten to a point of each of us asking, what is God, or G-d, Allah, to me, and allowing old structures inside to dissipate, dissolve.  Maybe, for our community, it has to do in part with moving into and being absorbed by a warm and loving, acceptant, somewhat permissive, community in a foreign country, but when we hook up with what really resonates inside us, life can open up and divine things occur, like we create an alternative Not Church, move mountains of resistance, make the cover of TIME.

Since many us are native English speakers living in a Spanish language place, we do lots of translating.  With Not Church, we’re translating on a whole ‘nother level: God is the spark of life inside each of us, that which breathes us, spirit.  And all of our spirits combined are the ultimate power–God.  Jesus is seen as a very wise man, and so are Muhammad, Moses, The Buddha, and many others.  And The Bible and others are very interesting and powerful books, having endured for thousands of years.

On this site you’ll find things that resemble sermons, meditations, prayers and other materials meant to inspire from Not Church services.  […]

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Please Help

We’re looking for a tagline, something to expand “Not Church.” A recent meditation Erin forwarded from Richard Rohr supports the decision. (You can see what he had to say here.)
Suggestions so far are listed below and we welcome your ideas and input. Please let us hear what you think.

  1. Not Church, A Sanctuary for Exiles
  2. Not Church, By and for Everyone
  3. Not Church, Celebrate Inner Peace (or Peas)
  4. Not Church, Look Inside
  5. Not Church, Inner Exploration
  6. Not-Church, A Community Celebration
  7. Not church, Community
  8. Not church, Neighbors
  9. Not church — collective compassion at play
  10. Not church — connects
  11. Not church — breathe

You can leave a comment here or send your comments to Erin at

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Our Next Gathering – June 10th

Our Next Gathering
Sunday, June 10, 2012
11am – 12pm
Hacienda la Encanta (David Gee’s B&B, just south of Hotel La Mison).
Please contact Erin if you would like to participate or if you
have questions: Erin Dunigan

There is no potluck after this service.
Gatherings afterwards will be impromptu

Please be mindful of local establishments when parking

We hope you will join us and be sure to let us know if you would like to participate.
We invite your comments below. 

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